Woody's Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is a beautiful dish, tender, juicy and so addictive. Great in tacos, burgers, even in a salad! Read on to see how we pop out the perfect pulled pork.

Pork Shoulder/Leg/Butt
Woody's Boss Hogg Meat Rub
Barbecue Sauce
Apple Juice
Beer/Cider (optional)

Start it off by trimming up your cut of pork. Remove the skin (pop that aside for a piece of crackling later) and all the larger pieces of fat (can either be discarded or rendered down for later use). Removing the fat gives the rub more room to really flavour the meat.

Next you want to crack open that pack of Boss Hogg and rub it till the meat is completely covered. Once it's rubbed you want to leave it to the open air for about 15 mins to really tack up.


Now its time for the barbecue, heat up the barbecue/smoker to 275f (135c), now throw the pork into indirect heat, you want to maintain this temp (+/- 10f) for 4.5 hours. Spritzing with a bit of apple juice every 1.5 hours.


Once you hit the 4.5 hour mark take the pork off the barbecue and place in an aluminium tray, add about a cup of apple juice and half a beer or cider if desired and the key, butter, about 75-100g cut lengthways and place on top of the pork. Cover the tray in foil and back to the barbecue for approximately 2 more hours, or until you get an internal temperature of 205f (96c).

Once the meat is off the barbecue, open the foil lid and allow the steam to escape (careful, this is hot) leave open for 5 minutes, then place in a chilly bin for 1 hour to rest. Once you've waited an hour (yes wait one hour, DO NOT SKIP), the meat is ready to pull and enjoy!


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